I'm Simon. This is my website.

I'm a second-year college student at the University of Delaware, pursuing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Artifical Intelligence. Currently, I work as an intern web developer, creating applications using JavaScript and React. I also work with other undergraduate students and professors at my college on various projects, including a Discord bot that facilitates learning and bridges professor-student interactions, and on a research project focusing on human-computer interaction.

Many of my personal, software/web development projects are available online. This website's projects page has a rundown of my main works.

If you are here to download TS Classic scenarios/patches that I've made, they are no longer hosted on this website. All of my TS content (except Applications like the Background Changer, which are in the projects page here) has all been migrated to a folder on MediaFire. All content is legacy and will not be updated to use newer requirements or implement fixes. Do not email me asking for help, it won't be given.