Hello! To all visitors and those who have been redirected from my old page, welcome to my new website.

This site is still being worked on! Expect parts of many pages to be incomplete.

This is the new home for content that was previously found on www.cynxs-stuff.com. I simply wanted a sort of a fresh start on building a site from the ground up, but I also wanted a place to easily integrate my open-source personal and academic projects. In a way, you can treat this as my portfolio.

All existing content from my previous website has been migrated here, including scenarios and software. There will be new additions added over the coming months as I polish my projects for release. Keep an eye on my Github page for more information on that.

For more information on myself and my experiences, check out the About Me page. A rundown of my developments, with links to download and source code, is located in Projects, while Train Simulator scenarios, reskins, etc. are under Game Content.